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New fairy costumes! [22 May 2012|12:17pm]
I love the renaissance faire season! It usually inspires me to create something new, and this season is no different! This season, I have two new costumes: a Blue Morpho Butterfly Fairy and a Bubble Fairy!

New Blue Morpho Butterfly Fairy costume
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My fairy wings are in a Target commercial!! [02 Dec 2011|04:53pm]
I was watching TV last night when a holiday ad for Target came on, and I realized that they were using a set of my fairy wings! Whoa!!

Video of this darling commercial can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-wGrrZaQwg&feature=share
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Scarborough Faire and New Designs [02 Jun 2011|12:15am]
I'm finally starting to recuperate from the end of faire as I was nuts enough to think that it would be a terrific time to create two new designs! I pray that it won't happen again!! LOL

The first new design is called Anastasia.

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Peacock costume! [21 Apr 2011|02:08pm]
Just thought I'd share a few photos of my peacock wings together with the rest of the costume.

The bodice and bag are from Moresca, the pants and over skirt are from a company called Jiva, and the shoes are from FairySteps.

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New Peacock Fairy Wings [29 Mar 2011|10:42am]

This design has been in some stage of progress for two years now! The frames sat on my bookcase for at least 18 months before I got tired of constantly moving them to get to other things. With faire season quickly approaching, I decided it was time that the peacock fairy should make an appearance!!

I'm hoping to do these in some earth tones for a more moth-like look, but it may be another year before I get a chance to do that!
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New designs! [01 Feb 2011|11:08am]
Hi all!

It's been a little while since I've posted here, and I have some new designs!

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New Monarch Wings [08 Jun 2010|09:25am]
These were finished a couple weeks ago, and I've posted them on my FB, but I forgot to post them here. I applied a Monarch butterfly pattern to the Danielle fairy wings, and I kinda like the way they turned out!

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New Flower Fairy Set [09 Mar 2010|12:54pm]

This was definitely a labor of love, and I plan to offer these children's fairy sets in my Etsy shop from time to time.

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New Mini Fairy Top Hats! [01 Mar 2010|03:48pm]
I've been playing around with the idea of mini fairy top hats for a while now, and I've finally had a couple extra moments to try my hand at it!

More under the cut!

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FAE MAgazine [17 Nov 2009|03:49pm]
I'm super excited that the new issue of FAE Magazine is out and they chose to put a pair of my fairy wings on the cover!

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Peppermint Fairy Wings [10 Nov 2009|04:51pm]

New for the holiday season, Peppermint Fairy Wings!! Perfect for those holiday photo opportunities, these wings are fashioned to resemble Starlight Peppermint Candies in a delightful spiral of color of cherry red and snow white! For an additional amount of sparkle, the body of the wings has been fairy dusted with silv...er for that extra eye-catching bling! Finishing off the design is antennae in a charming peppermint twist!

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Halloween customers [03 Nov 2009|03:30pm]
The Halloween pictures from some of my customers are starting to come in!! More here!Collapse )
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Autumn fairies [06 Oct 2009|08:37am]
I recently worked with a talented photographer, Julie Sowers of Short Stories Photography, on an autumn fairy set. The wings were provided by me, and she did the costumes and setting!

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Wings giveaway [18 Sep 2009|11:19am]

Hi all!

Just wanted to let everyone know that Fabulous Fun Finds is running a giveaway drawing from September 18 - 24 for a pair of my Ladybug / Ladybird fairy wings!  So if you would like a free pair of my wings, you can visit this link.
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Peacock Fairy Wings [09 Sep 2009|10:29am]

What started out as a trial run for a new airbrush technique for a larger set of peacock wings (coming soon), turned into this beautiful set of smaller peacock fairy wings! These are now listed in my Etsy store.
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Sweet and Simple [14 Aug 2009|10:52pm]
My newest addition to my Etsy store!


100% of my designated pink sales go to support one of my best friends, Andrea Dodds, as she participates in the Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk benefiting Susan G. Komen for the Cure. This event is an amazing 60-mile journey that helps mothers, sisters, spouses, and friends get one step closer to a world without breast cancer. I recently lost my beloved Nana to breast cancer, so this event is very near and dear to my heart.
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Moxie's Fairy Wings [09 Aug 2009|11:28pm]

A good friend of ours will be portraying Cobweb from Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" at a renaissance faire, so I made these wings for her. The beading between the first and second sets of petals is meant to look like dewdrops on a spider's web.
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New Disneyland wings! [01 Aug 2009|08:40am]

The newest design that I *just* sent to Disneyland! All the boy bugs will be wearing these in the Pixar Parade!
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Fairy tea party [26 Jul 2009|04:15pm]
We took a quick break today to play with a wee fairy before the heat drove us indoors!

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Adult / Child wings [22 Jul 2009|04:30pm]

I've posted new wings to my Etsy store! This is the adult size and the children's size in the same design is under the cut.

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